6x Spain Mix (£89)

Not just your standard Spanish wine case. This variety bundle features fabulous wine selections from some of Spain’s best winemakers committed to organic grapes, chemical-free growing, and earth friendly harvesting. Taste your way around Spain as you enjoy traditional wine styles from committed winemakers who embrace biodynamic viticulture. With these handpicked selections, you will taste six wines from the following Spanish regions, celebrated for their vibrancy and liveliness: Priorat, Galicia, – la Rioja. This six-bottle mixed case includes wine selections both red and white. Did we mention that all these Spanish wines pair well with vegan tapas? That’s because this case features all vegan wines. ¡Salud!

Pick the Finest Spanish Wine in the UK at Don Veeto

If you are a wine lover, who do not have much time to spend on visiting wine shops and finding a favorite bottle of wine among thousands of other dusty and piled bottles, here is some good news for you. We offer a very time-consuming and comfortable way to shop the best wines all over the world, without spending too many efforts, time and money. Don Veeto is a wine-making company with sophisticated viticulture traditions, works hard to offer only the best wines made from finest grapes, that are grown organically and do not contain any harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Don Veeto also presents sophisticated gallery of wine flavors, red, rose, sparkling and orange etc. We also have price range filter, so that you know what wines are affordable for you. We have also organic, biodynamic and vegan wine. Among our grape types there are mono, blend, rare, whit/red ones.

We are also happy to introduce our collection of mixed wine cases, which include different sorts of sulphite free wine, Spanish, Armenian, Italian wine and much more. These wines are made from high quality select grapes which are grown organically and cultivated with care and attention for being made into superb quality wines.

Our cases of wine are mainly hand-selected. We have collected some of the best sorts of Spanish wine across the country.

This exquisite bundle represents outstanding wine selections from some of the best winemakers of Spain, who strives to provide organically grown grapes, free from chemical fertilizers, in order to make your pleasure of drinking wine also harmful. We do not present just standard Spanish wine cases; we do everything to meet the demand of our consumers.

It is known that white, red and rose wines are produced in Spain, but red Spanish wines are among the best in the world. They are usually quite dense, fragrant; with a balance of fruit and oak notes. We offer you a list of the finest red Spanish wines, to enjoy traditional wine flavor. Nearly all our collections of Spanish wines include also vegan wines, making it appropriate for everyone. We also present cases of wine from northeastern corner of Spain: Catalonia. The wines are produced by Catalan skillful and passionate wine maker, who also use the art of organic farming to make organic, natural and SO2-free or with its minimum amount wines.

Spain is known to be the country with the most vineyards on the planet. 15% of the world's vineyards are located here. In terms of wine production, Spain ranks third in the world, after France and Italy. There are more than one hundred certified wine regions, where thousands of wine makers produce thousands of brands of this drink. With the meticulously created cases of wines, Don Veeto aims to help you in all this diversity to figure out how to choose the best wine possible, as nothing can be compared with the pleasure of drinking the wine that is made just for you.

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