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Italy, home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions and traditions in the world. We personally selected and tasted what we feel to be among Italy’s best winemakers who are at the forefront of a new spirit sweeping the wine industry. In the spirit of all things natural, chemical and additive- free, and just plain delicious, our handpicked selection of wines includes many classic Italian favourites, all vegan. These winemakers are just as committed to their organic grapes as they are to Italian traditions: delightful Gavi di Gavi and Vermentino whites, to reds like Barolo, Valpolicella, Sangiovese di Romagna, Nero di Troia, that pair well with summer dried sausages and fresh pasta, our Italian case variety pack will pair endlessly with your favorite dishes.

Find the Finest Italian Wine at Don Veeto

It is said that tastes have the ability to bring about certain associations. This is why every country has its national cuisine. This by no means can be applied to wines as well. We like this or that type of wine, not only because of our flavor preferences, but also because of the senses, impressions and associations this certain flavor can arise. This is why we are more prone to like wine cases from one region or country. Don Veeto offers a wide range of collections of wines from a number of countries including Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Chile, France, Georgia and many others. After selecting your preferred country you can even choose among the specific regions of that same country.

Within this “multicultural wine environment” you will certainly find the wine that satisfies your needs, as Don Veeto’s wine types vary the same way as the countries of their origin.

Here you can have organic wine made from grapes grown organically, this rules out the application of harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides fungicides etc., and you can also find sulphite free wines or wines containing low concentration sulphite for those who can have headache, upset stomach, from sulphites. Don Veeto also presents natural and vegan wines.

Our Cases of Italian Wine

There are some truly incredible cases of wine on don Veeto’s website, collected and combined by the best professionals. They have managed to create cases that have become bestsellers in a short period of time and received a considerable amount of positive reviews. This is because of the high quality and at the same time appropriate price. The user-friendly website allows you to find your perfect wine within several minutes. You no longer need go from one shell to another trying to find you bottle of wine among thousands of others that are piled up on each other. Instead, you just need to choose the category or apply filters, then pick among the red cases, white cases, red blends, rare reds or strictly natural etc.

Among mixed collections, you mixed cases of wine are presented. They contain wines of different countries and regions that are famous for wine making. Spanish wine, Armenian wine, wines from Georgia, Africa etc. that are collected to form a case of wines.

Among bestseller collections a unique place is occupied by Italian wine case. This is a combination of some finest Italian wines. Italy is home to some oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Don Veeto’s specialists personally selected and tasted what they feel to be among Italy’s best winemakers. Italian winemakers are committed to their organic grapes as they are to Italian traditions. An amazing combination of Italian wines varying from delightful Gavi di Gavi to reds like Nebbiolo.

Choosing the right wine is not an easy deal, whoever with the right guidance of our specialists, is both pleasant and effective. Here you can also find food matches as, that will turn the wine drinking process into a celebration.

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